Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chapter 6.3: Setting up Camp

I guess the kids are going to sleep on the floor.  I don’t want to take a chance on inflating another air mattress.  Plus I’m allergic to chainsaw dismemberment. 

I will get the sleeping bags out of the car and throw them into the tent.  All the other stuff can wait till tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll sit by the fire for a while and then call it a night. 

There is nothing quite like sitting by a camp fire, having a few beers and shooting the shi….. having intellectual conversation.  Camp fires in general have a soothing hypnotic effect which makes you calm and relaxed.  Add a beer or two and you’re calmer and more relaxed.  Add a few more beers and Quantum physics takes over. A parallel universe takes hold which transforms you into a loud, rude, obnoxious individual who’s on the way to jail.  Luckily this was only a two beer camp fire, no police or physicists were needed.

The only reason this was a two beer camp fire was because Barry’s’ friend Skip had not shown up yet.  He would have defiantly changed it to the parallel universe scenario.  Skip is one of those people you need to get the party rolling.  Don’t get me wrong he’s not an alcoholic; he just likes to have a good time.  Bonnie’s sister Barbara, her husband and kids are supposed to be here tomorrow.  It’s the calm before the storm, and the storm is coming tomorrow.  I better get some sleep. 

The inside of a tent is pretty dark at night so Bonnie bought this battery operated tent light that hangs on the inside of the tent.  Just turn it on and walla, light.  You could just use a flashlight but the tent light is more convenient.  The only real problem is bugs; just make sure the tent door is zippered shut before you turn the light on. You don’t want to attract mosquitoes and flies into the tent.  They’re attracted to that light like a “Biggest Loser” contestant to a 16 oz. T-bone steak.  If you ever slept with a mosquito in your room you know what I’m talking about.  I don’t know what’s worse the buzzing or the biting.  Flies are just as bad, especially the ones with human heads, “help me, help me.”

Luckily the country air zapped the energy out of my kids so they went to sleep without any problems.  Now it’s our turn.  An air mattress is one luxury item that attempts to bring the feel of your real bed into your tent.  Unfortunately it comes up short when it comes to comfort; unless the girl on the air mattress box comes with it, then it would be plenty comfortable.  I’m not sure the air mattress is big enough for Bonnie, me and the girl on the box.  One of us is going to have to sleep on the floor; any guesses? 

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